WART Recovery

WART_Recovery v2.2. Charge $45 Every Update. Price: 45$: 1 License on 1 PC
This app can recovery hash channels from your device (tested on NOX, Leapdroid, GM) where installed WhatsApp official client. Example: You can convert Queen channels to hash-channels

WART recovery

  1. The device must be rooted
  2. Install Extractor.apk on your device.
  3. Start WhatsApp and register account.
  4. Start Extractor and click Extract, click Copy to clipboard
  5. From PC start application WART_rc2.exe and paste from clipboard ID
  6. Click Recovery. You will get hash-channel.
  7. Go to item 3.

If WhatsApp does not register channel then You need change IP.

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System requirements:
– Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Windows XP not supported)
– 50 Mb free space on hard disk
– good internet connection
– installed microsoft visual c++ 2015 redistributable.
– installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
– installed Android emulator (example, NOX) with root mode. (NOX v3.8.3.0)

License on 6 months