WART Recovery

WART_Recovery v2.3. Price: 45$: 1 License on 1 PC
This app can recovery hash channels from your device (tested on NOX, Leapdroid, GM) where installed WhatsApp official client. Example: You can convert Queen channels to hash-channels

WART recovery v2.3

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WART v4.3 (10.06.2018) Charge $35 Every Update. Price: 35$: 1 License on 1 PC
This app can register secure hash channels for WhatsApp (need phone numbers). 1 number – 1 channel
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WappBulk v7.2.0.3 (20-Jan-2017)

Working not correctly from 21.04.2017: if version clients is more 2.17.146 then they not receive messages and not have delivery on clients of iPhone


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